I am booking via your website

I am trying to book this flight schedule for 2 pax:

Manila (via Hongkong) to Guangzhou  = Oct 15
Guangzhou to Hongkong = Oct 19
Hongkong to Manila = Oct 22

However, Cathay pacific website does not have a button link option to do this online.
I tried to call but you do not have anyone for customer service.
I need to know if this can be done so that i can book it right now.
What number can i call right now?
my USA or Global telephone landline number is


or can i just book it right now
Manila to Guangzhou  = Oct 15
Guangzhou to Manila = Oct 22

and you would just adjust internally that my flight from Guangzhou to Hongkong is on Oct 19 and not Oct 22.
I need to be in Hongkong (Causeway Bay) from Oct 19 -22.

Please do not force me to ride the train/bus from guangzhou to hongkong because i do not know how to.

I just hope Cathay Pacific is as good as I think it is in customer service.

Thank you.


Email me at :

I will send all the details from our name to passport #